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Lehman Stick Snowboards



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Sent to all the wives who support office workers
bride board
From female riders from all over Japan
A model that has gained explosive popularity.
Same as Yokohama
By applying full edge processing to the tail
Durability and operability have been dramatically improved.
Improved sole
Set to run even in Japan's unique wet snow
Gliding performance has also been significantly improved.
If you trace the origin, one of the Riders sent a board to his wife.
Throne was born from the beginning
The Yokohama model is one size smaller,
Made with a softer flex so that even women can handle it.
The size makes it easy to handle.
To my wife with my daily gratitude
You can also give it as a gift
For relaxing and cruising
Your husband can ride too.
gift to your child
You can also give me a spray
A fun board that can be shared with the whole family.


Bend/shape Directional Camber
Location/Terrain All Mountain
Flex/bending 4/10
Core/Heartwood Poplar wood
Sole/Slide surface ISO7600 NATURAL SINTERD SOLE

Chart “Throne”

Length(cm) 145
Radius(m) 6.5
Width(mm) -Nose: 307
-Waist: 265
-Tail: 294
Stance(cm) 33-53
Effect Edge(mm) 980
Camber(mm) 8

*Stance measures the width of the screw hole.
*Nationwide flat shipping ¥2500
*The color may be difficult to see depending on your monitor, but the official color is the color in the third image.

The global economy has changed significantly due to the coronavirus infection.
We, who were born during the coronavirus pandemic,
Compared to the first production, it had a big impact.
Due to the wood shock, raw material costs have increased by about 1.5 times, transportation costs have increased by about 2 times, and the yen exchange rate has also increased by about 1.2 times.
Inflation, which can be called an abnormal situation, has occurred,
This wave is also hitting the outdoor industry, including snowboarding.
If you raise the price, you might be able to make an even better snowboard.
However, we wanted to realize a wallet-friendly price that would encourage people to go to the mountains again and again.
We have thoroughly reviewed the cost and removed everything that does not make it fun and comfortable to ski.
Although it may be a little rough when compared to major manufacturers.
We are committed to making snowboarding fun and comfortable on the Lehman Stick without any compromise.
I'm sure you'll be satisfied too.
"Enriching holidays for office workers"

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