About us

We don't snowboard for a living, and we usually work as ordinary office workers in the city center.
The idea for the snowboard "Lehman Stick" came from enjoying holidays in the snowy mountains several times a month, forgetting the hustle and bustle of the city.

Use your precious time on the weekend to carefully enjoy each ride.
"Lehman Stick" was created for such snowboarders.
The logo combines a necktie, the symbol of office workers, and the "L" from the brand name "Lehman Stick" in a diamond shape that resembles a snowflake, creating a design that captures the image of an office worker gliding dashingly across the snow. I am.
This is a snowboard that we arrived at after conducting D2C (Direct to Consumer) transactions with factories and thoroughly thinking about how we could reduce prices and manufacture high-quality products.
We hope that buying a snowboard will not reduce the number of times you visit the snowy mountains, but that office workers will be able to cherish and enjoy their precious holidays.
Each piece is carefully delivered to you.