Becoming a connection between office worker snowboarders


Yossy continues to send messages to salaryman snowboarders in his position as a "civil servant" who represents salarymen. He may be the person who best embodies Lehmans' concept of ``designing a rich holiday for office workers.''

The snowy mountain I jumped into without knowing which way was left or right

Yossy's first encounter with snowboarding was on a one-night, two-day snowboarding trip after graduating from high school.

``At that time, we were all beginners, so we didn't know anything. We were asking other people on the slopes how to put on snowboards.We also didn't know how to ride the lifts, so we were nervous. I remember walking up the slope (lol).”

However, perhaps because he had been skateboarding when he was in elementary school, once he tried it, he realized that he could improve faster than most people. I realized that snowboarding was right for me, and started going to snowy mountains every winter.

At first, he was skating without really knowing how to skate, so he felt comfortable with the sense of speed as he went straight down. Although he is extremely fearless, he has now improved his skills to the point where he can win prizes in high ollie tournaments.

It's been 10 years since he started snowboarding, but what does snowboarding mean to Yossy?

"Snowboarding is an expensive sport, so it motivates me to work hard. During the summer, I say, ``I'm going to work for the winter!'' and in the winter, I say, ``If I work hard until the weekend, I can go snowboarding!'' ” I work while staying motivated for snowboarding on a daily basis.

I couldn't really go snowboarding last season, but I'd like to gradually get back to it this season. ”

The face of a civil servant and the face of a father of one child

Yossy grew up in a single-parent household. Reflecting on his family's not-so-wealthy background, after graduating from high school, he aspired to become a stable civil servant while others around him went on to university. He attended a vocational school and successfully passed the civil service exam in six months.

When he first became a civil servant, he was assigned to the department that handled resident records and taxes. He used to do so-called "stiff" work, completing tasks set in accordance with the law, but recently, the content of his work has changed dramatically.

``I transferred to a business-related department and am planning events to extend the healthy life expectancy of citizens.It's a job where I can directly reflect my opinions and hear people's appreciation for my opinions, so I feel it's a rewarding job.'' I'm able to work.'' It seems that both work and private life are fulfilling.

We also asked them how they usually spend their free time.

``I think body shape is important, so I try to build a body that won't make me feel embarrassed in the bathroom when I go snowboarding (lol).' ' He is said to be working hard at training.

Also, last winter, he had a child, and now he has taken on a new side as a "dad." ``It's fun to watch my daughter grow up close,'' said the Lehmans, the only father in the family, with a smile. It seems that such a father has one dream.

"I want to take my kids snowboarding. If I'm lucky, I'll get them hooked on snowboarding. As parents, I'll be happy if my kids are jumping around when I get older."

Thoughts for salaryman snowboarders

During last season, I heard there was talk among Lehmans riders about building snowboards. As talks get into full swing, Yossy will also officially join Lehmans.

Due to the nature of his work as a civil servant, he cannot receive compensation, but he makes good use of his free time after work to help Lehmans manage his social media. Opinions from an office worker's perspective are said to be useful in Lehmans' decision-making.

“I really sympathize with the Lehmans brand concept of having people enjoy snowboarding to the fullest because they can only go on occasional holidays.”

The reality is that the average office worker snowboarder doesn't snowboard often, so it's difficult to own multiple snowboards so that he can choose the one that best suits the conditions of the day.

“However, Lehmans snowboards are priced at a level that is relatively affordable for office workers who cannot usually go snowboarding.In this sense, I feel that we are supporting office workers. ”

On top of that, Yossy says he wants Lehmans to be a connection between office worker snowboarders.

“I think Lehmans will be a tool that can convey the idea of ​​what it means to be an office worker snowboarder.I hope that snowboarders who sympathize with this idea will wear Lehmans boards, have sessions on the slopes, and expand the circle. I think it’s great.”

``Certainly, I think it's quite a psychological hurdle to drive 1-2 hours each way to the slopes, ski, and then go back to work the next day.But once you go, it's definitely fun. .

I want Lehmans to become a force that encourages people who have taken a break from snowboarding to get back on the slopes. ”

First of all, he expressed his enthusiasm to put even more effort into communicating on SNS so that as many people as possible know about the existence of Lehmans.

Sliding friends who are like family

Before meeting Taiga, Yossy only went snowboarding a few times a year. Snowboarding was just a hobby, an extension of drinking parties.

Taiga happened to be an acquaintance of Yossy's classmates from elementary and middle school, which led to him meeting Taiga. Taiga joined his local friends and they went snowboarding.

Since then, a snowboarding community has sprung up around Taiga. As the number of my snowboarding friends increased, I naturally started going snowboarding more often.

Now, he says, his snowboarding friends feel "more like family than friends."

``I think it's normal for friends from school to get together and go out for drinks once in a while.However, it's a little different when you're friends who met through snowboarding.

During the off-season, we don't see each other much, but the moment the season starts, we all get together on the mountain and start skating together as if we had always seen each other. I think the common hobby of snowboarding connects us all. ”

The fact that I don't feel uncomfortable seeing them again after such a long time certainly makes them feel like family. I look forward to seeing how Lehmans will play with his friendly friends and what kind of business he will create.


Question and answer profile

Main instance: 24,-12

Stance width: 52

Binding used: Flux ds

Boots used: thirtytwo

Home slope: (nothing in particular)

Favorite location: Frost-covered trees that stand out against the pecans

Happy moment: Looking up at the snowy mountains

Special move: High ollie

Snowboarders I respect: Danny Davis, doggy (Keijiro Kasahara)


[Interview/Written by: Kazuki Yasui]