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Lehman Stick

MXT3<br> Golf ball<br> ~1 dozen~

MXT3<br> Golf ball<br> ~1 dozen~

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◆Long-awaited golf gear lineup

Lehmans Inc has created a new golf ball, the MXT3.

This is the best golf ball for salaryman golfers, created by Lehmans representative Taiga and her friend Megane, who love not only snowboarding but also golf.

It is no exaggeration to say that the golf ball is the most important tool when playing golf.

However, the current situation is that there are many expensive items despite the possibility of them being lost.

This golf ball was created by making full use of the know-how cultivated through the Lehman Stick business to provide high-quality products at low prices.

A unique and cool “Megane-Tiger” logo that cannot be achieved by major manufacturers.

It has the performance required by a wide range of amateur golfers, from beginners to advanced players, and overturns the common sense that high-performance golf items are expensive.

◆Achieves both distance performance for long shots and control performance for short games◆

The MXT3 has extremely low spin for long games and a powerful trajectory that doesn't succumb to the wind.

In addition to superior spin control performance around the green, it also has a soft feel that bites into the face.

◆Achieving low prices for all salaried golfers

The 3-piece urethane cover is a high-performance golf ball that is trusted by tour pros, but Lehmans offers it to all salaried golfers at a low price.

At a price of 3,500 yen (including shipping), we offer unparalleled cost performance.

* It will be simple packaging such as vinyl.

Product Summary
Product name MXT3
Number of pieces 12 balls
structure Urethane cover 3 pieces
Color white
country of origin China
Packing Simple packaging such as vinyl


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